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The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides a modern software solution that lets you tailor a flexible and efficient data management system built on industry-standard x86 server hardware to support any application, hypervisor, container, or cloud.

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Storage for Any Compute, Any Scale

Simplify your infrastructure with a unified solution for block, file, and object storage with full programmability and support for any OS, hypervisor, or container. Predictably and dynamically scale storage performance and capacity with off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers.

  • Start with as few as three nodes and scale to 1000 or more
  • Provision Block (iSCSI), File (NFS), and Object (Swift, S3) storage
  • Deploy all-flash or hybrid SSD/HDD storage nodes
  • Support any hypervisor including vSphere, Hyper-V, KVM and XenServer
  • Support any container technology including Docker, CoreOS RKT, LXC
  • Integrate directly with a complete set of RESTful APIs

Advanced Data Services

Customize your storage with a full range of enterprise storage services, fully selectable per-volume for a perfect fit with your applications.

Choose the features that deliver the performance, efficiency, resiliency, and data protection you require.

  • Thin provisioning
  • Encrypt360™ encryption in-use, in-flight, at-rest
  • FlashFabric™ client and server-side flash/SSD caching
  • Zero-impact volume snapshots & clones
  • Inline deduplication & compression
  • Storage virtualization

Storage Designed for Hybrid Cloud

Protect each of your applications with a unique disaster recovery policy and deliver seamless high availability with a storage cluster that spans multiple data centers or clouds.

Deploy software on-premise and in public clouds to create an implicitly hybrid storage system.

  • Replicate up to six copies of data across sites
  • Logically manage any number of locations as a single storage system
  • Integrate public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Support active/active stretched clusters
  • Failover automatically to ensure your applications are up 24×7

Technical Overview White Paper

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Platform Components

Hedvig's Two-tier Architecture Presents Cloud-like Scalability

Hedvig Storage Proxy

Client-side software that presents block, file, and object storage access to app hosts, accelerates read performance with flash caching, drives efficiency with deduplication, and secures data with encryption.

Hedvig Storage Service

A powerful, patented distributed systems engine that transforms commodity server nodes into an elastic, flexible enterprise-class storage system.

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Hedvig Offers Flexible Options for Easy Deployment

Hedvig software deploys on a commodity server hardware delivering a low-cost enterprise storage platform that takes advantage of the latest processor, memory, flash, and disk advancements. Hedvig gives you the freedom to choose deployment options that best fit the requirements of your workloads.


Decouple storage ‘controller’ and ‘array’, forming an elastic storage cluster using commodity servers. Hedvig democratizes hyperscale infrastructure, making it available for mainstream enterprises, not just Internet giants.



Deploy storage ‘controller’ and ‘array’ on the same server, providing compute and storage in a single node. Freedom to select any hypervisor and ability to scale compute and storage together with the dynamic addition of new commodity servers.


Run Any Workload with Hedvig's Ecosystem Integrations

Watch this video to learn about our native integrations:

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Flexible Options to Purchase the Best Solution for your Environment

Hedvig offers annual subscription and perpetual software licenses and pricing to give you the flexibility to purchase in the way that works best for your business. Hedvig software is available in three editions that deliver features and pricing tailored for primary, backup, and object-only storage deployments.

Features Primary Storage Edition Backup & Archive Storage Edition Object Storage Edition
Block storage (iSCSI)
File storage (NFS)
Object storage (S3, Swift)
Public cloud
Tunable replication factor (1-6)
Multi-Site, rack, and agnostic replication
Server-side caching
Thin provisioning
Web UI
Role-based access control (RBAC)
LDAP/Active Directory integration
Global deduplication
Client-side dedupe
NetBackup OST plugin
NetBackup S3 connector
Client-side caching
Clustered file system support
Raw Device Mapping (RDM)
vSphere Web Client (vCenter) plugin
Docker Volume plugin
OpenStack Cinder
Kubernetes support
Mesos support
Flocker Support

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