“The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides a level of abstraction that lets compute platforms consume storage regardless of whether it is file, block or object storage. It provides a wide range of services, including replication, disaster recovery, compression and de-duplication.”

Joseph F. Kovar


“Hedvig’s multi-site and native multi-cloud capability are the obvious choice to power components of GE Digital’s Predictive Analytics (Predix) storage infrastructure.”

Jared Wright

Director of Infrastructure, GE Digital

“The design philosophy behind the Hedvig Universal Data Plane is uniquely robust and easily extensible. It is very evident to me that the engineers thought things through at the 20,000-ft level before they wrote the first line of code. We feel very confident that our Hedvig based storage layer will be adaptable to meet use cases we haven't even thought of yet. ”

Tim Pearson

Assistant Director of IT Infrastructure & Security, PSU

Why Partner with Hedvig?

$6.2B Market

Markets and Markets estimates the software-defined storage market will grow from $2B today to $6.2B by 2019.

94% Interest

ESG estimates that 94% of mid-to-large companies are implementing or planning to implement software-defined storage.

In Growth

Wikibon estimates that software-defined storage fuels $2B in additional commodity server sales for resellers and integrators.

Benefits to Building Your Business with Hedvig

Grow your Revenue

Build a practice modernizing your customers infrastructure by adopting cloud technologies.

Improve your Profits

Reduce implementation costs and get software margins investing in software-defined infrastructure.

Differentiate your Practice

Provide cutting-edge storage that works for any application running on any server, VM, or container.

Simplify your Portfolio

Eliminate complexity and collapse 12 disparate storage solutions into a single, storage platform.

Technology Partners

CloudScale Partner Program

Our partner program mirrors our product: built to scale, made to adapt, with peerless flexibility. We’ve designed it to work for your business, not the other way around. Take a look around – if you like what you see (we think you will) it only takes a minute to get started.

            Refer Solution Build
How does it work? You submit a qualified referral, we’ll close the deal. You register an opportunity, we’ll close it together. You create a solution with our software embedded, and you own every deal.
How do I make money? We’ll pay you a one-time commission for qualified referrals once the deal is won. Your receive discounted pricing from Hedvig and earn margin selling our software and your own value-added services. We sell our software to you at wholesale pricing, you set the price for your solution.
Who provides support? Hedvig provides customer support. You resell Hedvig customer support. You provide support for your customers, Hedvig supports you.

Become a Partner Today!

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