Disrupting the channel: Hedvig named a 2016 CRN Emerging Vendor

By Phil Williams | | Partners

Since we launched our CloudScale Partner Program a few months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with dozens of partners. You can feel tangible energy radiating from resellers, integrators, and distributors when it comes to embracing software-defined infrastructure.

Why? Because they’re looking to disrupt the traditional channel as the IT landscape changes. CRN gets it and they’ve recognized us for the second year in a row as playing a key role in the evolution. Let me explain.

The shift to more modern IT architectures is gaining steam rapidly. Commodity infrastructure now powers compute, storage, and networking software that makes up the backbone of private and public clouds. On top of this hyperscale infrastructure, companies are augmenting VMs with containers and apps with microservices. There are new orchestration and automation tools coming from Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesophere. It’s an exciting time as the “new IT stack” emerges.

Aggressive channel companies not only get this, they embrace it. We’ve seen a renaissance of resellers integrating software-defined infrastructure with the rest of the stack in order to position themselves as trusted advisors to enterprises. Some are even building their own private and hybrid clouds to offer more value-added services. And others are even expanding on staff-augmentation strategies by sourcing valuable, scarce DevOps talent in order to follow through with software-defined infrastructures sales. In this era of automation, several partners told me that they have hired DevOps talent in areas like Python to provide scripting services to their customers.

It’s an exciting time to be in the channel and it’s even more exciting time to be at leading software-defined storage vendor.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that our partners aren’t the only ones who have noticed the benefits of software-defined storage. For the second year in a row, Hedvig has been recognized as a CRN Emerging Vendor!

We’re thrilled that in addition to the resellers that helped launch our CloudScale Partner Program, we’ve added many more like BMR Turkey, C6i, Distilogix, Ethos, and P1 Technologies (just to name a few).We’re honored CRN has recognized Hedvig as critical by our partners and their customers.

With more and more large enterprises trying to achieve the agility of startups while expanding into hybrid cloud and container environments, we are proud to be able to provide new methods these organizations  can implement to overcome dynamic storage challenges.

One of our latest success stories is DGC, a Swedish service provider that our partner Layer8 introduced us to. DGC uses the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform to lower operating costs and consolidate distant datacenters into a more modern, streamlined infrastructure. In particular, DGC was looking for a storage solution that decoupled hardware and software, without sacrificing the most cutting-edge storage features such as multi-site replication, real-time scalability, high performance and a suite of storage protocols. These are just a few of the reasons why they selected Hedvig. You can find the rest of the story here: http://hed.vg/HedvigDGC.

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