Elastic, Multi-site Storage for VMware

Virtualization transforms enterprise IT, increasing productivity, lowering costs, and improving business continuity. With VMware vSphere, enterprises dynamically provision and manage applications, transforming data centers from static, inflexible infrastructures to dynamic and agile business enablers. The challenge? Traditional storage infrastructure is a mismatch with the unique requirements that a dynamic virtual server environment brings.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides VM-aware storage that simplifies data management for virtualization administrators. Hedvig cost-effectively supports the needs of organizations as their environment grows and business requirements change and provide the flexibility to meet the needs of any application.

VMware Problems Hedvig Solves

  • Costly and complex storage provisioning slows virtualization workflows.
  • Traditional storage limitations including lack of native multisite-support presents risk of excess downtime.
  • The cost of traditional VMware-focused storage solutions based on proprietary hardware/software is expensive.
Hedvig’s unique value to VMware

  • Reduce costly and complex storage provisioning times that slow down virtualization workflows.
  • Eliminate downtime with VMs protected across any number of private or public clouds.
  • Reduce storage CapEx and OpEx with commodity hardware designed for incremental scalability.
Why should you choose Hedvig?

  • Built-in replication enables stretch clusters for private and hybrid clouds.
  • Hyperconverged and hyperscale architecture for maximum scalability and flexibility.
  • Multi-hypervisor and container integration creates a migration path and mitigates technology risk.
Key Hedvig + VMware features

  • VMware vSphere Web Client plug-in
  • VM-aware storage with per-VM data policies
  • VMware ready storage certification
  • NFS support for VM-optimized storage
  • Tunable replication factor with 1-6 copies for HA and DR and encryption ensure data availability

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