Scalable deduplicating backup target for NetBackup OST plugin

Protecting business data is a number one priority for today’s enterprise. Keeping pace with growing digital assets in a dynamic backup and recovery environment requires innovative solutions that cost-effectively store data, scale on-demand, shorten backup windows and provide recovery resiliency.

For Veritas NetBackup customers, the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform and the Hedvig OST plugin accelerate backups, reduce the amount of storage required to protect data, simplify scaling, and ensure data is always available where you need it − on-site, off-site, and in the cloud.


Veritas Problems Hedvig Solves

  • Purpose-built backup appliances and support are costly.

  • Lack of adequate resilience and performance for backup storage puts timely recovery at risk.

  • Lack of HA based on cost or complexity puts business at risk of downtime.



Hedvig's Unique Veritas Value

  • Reduce the cost of NetBackup infrastructure with a commodity-powered storage platform.

  • Improve restore times and operations with on-premises backup cloud infrastructure.

  • Eliminate downtime by providing inherent high availability and hybrid cloud resiliency.


Why Choose Hedvig for Veritas

  • OST plug-in provides seamless operations with existing NetBackup deployments and processes.

  • Source-side dedupe reduces network traffic from NetBackup media servers.

  • Built-in, multi-site replication improves data durability without requiring offsite tape storage.


Key Hedvig Veritas Features and Functions

  • Certified OpenStorage (OST) support

  • Certified Auto image replication (AIR) support

  • DirectIO input integrates with OST to provide fast, efficient backups

  • Per-volume dedupe policy enables NetBackup or Hedvig to provide data reduction

  • Tunable replication factor with 1-6 copies for HA and DR and encryption ensure data availability

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