Reimagine data in the cloud.
Imagine a Universal Data Plane.

Enterprises are journeying to the public cloud. Containers and orchestration technologies help make applications portable among private and public clouds, but no such data portability exists. A new, distributed approach is needed to store, manage, and protect data across this hybrid landscape. Using a modern, hyperscale architecture, Hedvig software-defined storage has solved this problem. We call it a Universal Data Plane™.

The Universal Data Plane overcomes the rigidity and economics of traditional storage. It provides a single, programmable data management layer that spans across workloads, clouds, and tiers. 



Support any application and any operating system. Traditional storage creates islands of SAN, NAS, and object storage to support different applications and OSes. The Universal Data Plane eliminates these disparate platforms.



Span private and public clouds. Traditional storage doesn’t natively support public clouds. The Universal Data Plane spins up in any cloud, creating a single data layer that replicates among private and public sites.



Collapse traditional storage tiers. Traditional storage platforms are designed for discrete tiers. The Universal Data Plane exposes tiering policies and runs on different classes of hardware, eliminating these discrete tiers.


Deploy a Universal Data Plane

Enterprises need four capabilities in a software-defined storage solution to deploy a Universal Data Plane. They are: 

  • A scale-out, software architecture

  • Native multi-site replication

  • Full automation and orchestration support

  • Application-specific data services

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is the only software-defined storage solution built with these capabilities. It was designed from the beginning as a modern, distributed storage platform that can run on any commodity server infrastructure and in any public cloud.