The Business Challenge

The customer was dealing with an explosion of data and witnessing a huge spike in the demand for backup capacity. The customer’s backup infrastructure consisted of traditional backup appliances, which were getting increasingly more expensive year over year. Also struggling to manage an aging infrastructure, these appliances were exhausting a significant part of the budget with every refresh cycle.


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Hedvig’s software-defined storage is a cloud-agnostic solution that allows IT professionals to easily program and provision storage in minutes instead of weeks, increasing the time to market for business applications. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides a full set of RESTful APIs that control all aspects of provisioning, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring.

By providing point-and-click provisioning with granular virtual disk policy selection as well as instant cloning, Hedvig makes it easy to deploy storage for development followed by a seamless move to production. Cloud native applications and cloud-first initiatives work seamlessly with Hedvig’s container provisioning.

Benefits of Hedvig

  • Modern storage and lower TCO
  • Datacenter standardization, no forklift upgrades
  • Wide support for backup applications
  • A unique two-tier Software-Defined Solution
  • 60% less expensive than their existing appliance
  • Optimized backup and restore
  • Global deduplication and compression
  • Multi-site distributed-model
  • 24 x 7 support

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Hedvig Container Integrations

Docker – Hedvig provides unprecedented storage flexibility for Docker containers with a Docker Volume Plugin and support for Docker Datacenter, helping you meet all your storage performance, availability and scalability requirements with a single platform.

Kubernetes – Hedvig’s dynamic provisioner for Kubernetes enables on-demand provisioning of persistent volumes to be used by containers. Hedvig also provides Container Storage Interface (CSI) support for container workflow standardization.

Mesosphere – The Mesosphere orchestration platform with Docker containerization for applications and microservices and Hedvig software-defined storage deliver easily composable infrastructure that enables enterprises to evolve and adapt services as requirements emerge.

Red Hat OpenShift – Hedvig’s Red Hat integration allows for portable, persistent storage, easy migration of data between your data center and public clouds and the ability to scale storage capacity as you grow.

Key Integration Features

  • Multi-protocol support: block (iSCSI), file(NFS), and object(S3/Swift)
  • Virtualization platform integration: Support for hypervisors such as VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM
  • Location agnostic: Natively allows multi-site, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud infrastructures
  • Containerized workloads: Integrates with Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and OpenShift

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