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The need for flexibility and scalability is driving more organizations to cloud-based storage. With Hedvig’s private cloud and storage modernization solutions, your organization can experience the agility and flexibility of the public cloud while ensuring your sensitive data is secure.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is a modern, software-defined storage solution that spans across workloads, clouds, and tiers, making it easy for your organization to access your data and quickly add storage capacity as you grow.

Benefits of the Private Cloud

With Hedvig private cloud storage, you can automatically and dynamically provision storage assets using only software on standard x86 servers. Hedvig provides a unified, multi-protocol software platform to collapse SAN, NAS, and object infrastructure.

  • Extend the life of storage assets by 52%
  • Reduce storage costs by 49%
  • Automate and simplify storage management by 45%


Key Features of Hedvig Private Cloud Storage


  • Works with any storage workload or hypervisor
  • Uniquely supports SDS file, block, and object storage
  • Offers natively built database replication
  • Enables GDPR compliant data management


Hedvig Infrastructure
as a Service

Storage provisioning and management is a significant bottleneck for 58% of enterprise cloud deployments. Using Hedvig IaaS, you can consume storage on demand and provision it as you need it. Our IaaS:

  • Provides web-scale infrastructure using commodity hardware
  • Simplifies your organization’s infrastructure through a single pane of glass
  • Requires fewer resources to maintain infrastructure
  • Reduces storage infrastructure costs by up to 60%


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How Pittsburg State University Built a Future-Proof Private Cloud

Pittsburg State University (PSU) is located on the plains of Southeast Kansas with an enrollment of over 7,000 graduate and undergraduate students. It is also the home of the Kansas Technology Center, a state-of-the-art technology program in the largest academic building in Kansas. Hedvig’s solution not only satisfied all the requirements of PSU, but also gave them a glimpse of what they can achieve in future. With Hedvig’s object storage capability, backup integrations, container support, and hybrid-cloud/multi-cloud deployments, PSU insured that their solution is future-proof, as well.

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