Avoid Cloud Lock-In With a Single Data Fabric

More storage administrators are moving their data into the cloud for greater portability, only to find themselves trapped by the constraints of various cloud providers. Hedvig provides a software-defined storage platform with Programmable Data Sovereignty™

Hedvig is the world’s first multi-cloud platform that enables organizations to store, manage, and protect data across a multi-cloud landscape. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform (DSP) is a single, programmable data management layer that spans multiple public and private clouds. The Hedvig DSP integrates with a variety of frameworks, including Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere.

Benefits of Multi-Cloud Storage

  • Avoid cloud-lock-in
  • Reduce storage costs by up to 60%
  • Improve resiliency and reduce the risk of downtime due to service interruptions

Key Features of
Hedvig Multi-Cloud

  • Deploy in any private and public cloud, including AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Enable replication to deliver data across cloud boundaries
  • Set per-application policies to ensure data placement in specific clouds
  • Secure data with native encryption in flight, in use, and at rest
  • Provides programmable data sovereignty
  • Ensure performance and data locality with advanced caching and flash-optimization

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