Avoid Cloud Lock-In With a Single Data Fabric

More storage administrators are moving their data into the cloud for greater portability, only to find themselves trapped by the constraints of various cloud providers.

Hedvig is the world’s first multi-cloud platform that enables organizations to store, manage, and protect data across a multi-cloud landscape. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform (DSP) is a single, programmable data management layer that spans multiple public and private clouds. The Hedvig DSP integrates with a variety of frameworks, including Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere.

Benefits of Multi-Cloud Storage

  • Avoid cloud-lock-in
  • Reduce storage costs by up to 60%
  • Improve resiliency and reduce the risk of downtime due to service interruptions

Key Features of
Hedvig Multi-Cloud

  • Deploy in any private and public cloud, including AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Enable replication to deliver data across cloud boundaries
  • Set per-application policies to ensure data placement in specific clouds
  • Secure data with native encryption in flight, in use, and at rest
  • Provides programmable data sovereignty
  • Ensure performance and data locality with advanced caching and flash-optimization

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