Is Your Data Storage Solution Future-Proof?

More organizations are moving toward a hybrid cloud approach to reduce their geographical footprint, reduce costs, and protect against data loss in the event of a disaster.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is a modern, software-defined storage solution that provides a single, programmable data fabric spanning across workloads, cloud zones/regions, multiple public clouds, and storage tiers. Hedvig provides Declarative Data Sovereignty ™ to easily incorporate any data regulations such as GDPR.

Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

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  • Extend the life of storage assets by 52%
  • Reduce storage costs by 49%
  • Automate and simplify storage management by 45%



Single pane of glass view for on-premises and public cloud storage resources. Standardize and automate orchestration workflows and blur the boundaries across hybrid cloud locations.


Seamlessly scale storage cluster by simply adding storage servers on-premises or virtual instances in the cloud. Start as small as three nodes and dynamically add datacenter(s) or public cloud(s) as the requirements evolve.


Data encryption at-rest, as well as in-flight, provides security across on-premises datacenters and public cloud locations. Hedvig’s Encrypt360 integrates with external KMS (such as Amazon’s KMS) to simplify enterprise integration.

4 Options for Deploying Hybrid Cloud Solutions

For most enterprises, the question is no longer whether to pursue hybrid cloud storage; it’s how to best implement it. Our software-defined storage capabilities can support each of the four main hybrid cloud deployment solutions:

  • Building an OpenStack Landing Pad to Onboard Cloud Applications
  • Creating Hybrid Cloud-Based Apps To Migrate Data (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Treating Public Clouds as Disaster Recovery Sites
  • Storing Data On Private, Hosted Infrastructure

Enable Data Agility With Hedvig Multi-cloud

As your organization grows, you’ll also need to be able to move data not only between a physical location and a single cloud provider, but between multiple cloud providers. Hedvig can support your hybrid cloud storage needs now and also manage data between cloud providers as you expand into multi-cloud storage.

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