Eliminate Complex and Expensive Backup Solutions

Today’s organizations generate mountains of data at a rapidly accelerating pace, multiplying by 60 percent each year. By consolidating and modernizing your backup storage, you can provide a more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution that grows with your organization.

Hedvig’s Distributed Storage Platform supports two of the most popular backup strategies: on-premise and hybrid cloud storage. Hedvig can serve as a backup target or enterprise backup application. Our unique enterprise storage capabilities, including snapshots, clones, deduplication and compression, enable you to manage all of your primary and secondary workloads on a single platform.

Benefits of our Backup and Storage Archive Solutions


  • Reduce backup target costs by 60% or more
  • Eliminate costly upgrades and application maintenance fees
  • Decrease your backup storage footprint and accelerate restore times

How Hedvig Works as
a Backup Target

Hedvig provides backup storage using a backup-optimized virtual disk as a target. Data is easily copied and made available in multiple locations so you can rapidly restore it from another data center. This allows for unlimited scalability across data centers. In addition to using backup disks, you can also archive data from the same location, using the full benefit of the entire storage cluster.

Key Features of
Hedvig Backup Storage


  • iSCSI, NFS, and S3/Swift support for block, file, and object interfaces to backup software
  • Built-in replication eliminates downtime and reduces RTO and RPO to near zero
  • In-line, global deduplication, and encryption (not limited to appliances or shelves)

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Backup Applications We Support

With Hedvig, there’s no need to rip and replace your current backup storage applications. Our software integrates with your existing solutions, including:

Veritas NetBackup & Backup Exec

For Veritas NetBackup customers, the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform and OST plugin accelerate backups, reduce the amount of storage required to protect data, simplify scaling and ensure data is always available where you need it.



With the Hedvig and Commvault solution, you can customize storage to best fit your needs, maximize storage efficiency, and deliver predictable, high-speed ingest rates while ensuring data is protected within backup windows.


Veeam Backup & Replication

As a Veeam Ready verified repository, you can confidently implement Hedvig within your environment and leverage Veeam features such as Instant VM Recovery, SureBackup, and DataLabs. Simply configure Veeam backup and proxy servers to connect to Hedvig and run your regularly scheduled backups.  It’s that simple.

EMC NetWorker

With EMC Networker, there’s no need to change your established backup policies to benefit from a scale-out, hybrid cloud storage solution for protecting and archiving data.

IBM Spectrum Protect

For customers of IBM Spectrum Protect, formerly Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Hedvig accelerates backups, reduces the amount of storage required to protect data, simplifies scaling, and ensures data is always available where you need it.

HPE Data Protector

Continue using HPE Data Protector while experiencing all the advantages of a hybrid cloud solution for backup storage and archive.
Arcserve UDP – Scale capacity on the fly and refresh hardware without disruptions.

Arcserve UDP

Scale capacity on the fly and refresh hardware without disruptions.

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