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Over recent years, software-defined storage has often seemed to be equal parts reality and hype. Multiple solutions are leveraging the moniker with different definitions, providing value in different ways, and targeting different markets.

One segment of software-defined storage technologies is intended to disrupt traditional storage array solutions by delivering (traditional) storage array capabilities as pure software with the potential for significant gains in enhanced flexibility and affordability. Traditional storage architectures were designed for the old way of IT: fewer applications with predictable demand.

The exponential growth of data along with demands for data accessibility anywhere at any time is mounting pressure on IT organizations to find a new model. Hedvig, an emerging software-defined storage player, is focused on delivering a new level of storage flexibility and scalability along with the capabilities necessary to supplant traditional storage arrays by moving the functionality to software.

Download the full paper to read more about ESG’s analysis of Hedvig and how it can help transform your storage.

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