Docker: What do Storage Pros need to know?

Docker was created to solve the problems that organizations face when they implement server virtualization on a wide scale; overhead and inefficiency. These challenges occur because virtualization is a sledgehammer to the problem it was designed to solve; allow multiple applications to run simultaneously on the same physical hardware in such a way that if one application fails the rest of the applications are not impacted. This is the real goal of virtualization, isolation of applications so that a misbehaving application does not impact another application or its resources.

The other “goals” like consolidation, mobility, improved data protection are not goals at all, they are just outcomes of achieving the real goal. The problem is that virtualization places two significant taxes on the data center in achieving its primary goal of isolated applications. These taxes have led to a new form of virtualization, called containers, and Docker is the container solution getting most of the attention.

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