Native Integration with OpenStack

Learn how Hedvig’s native integration with OpenStack works and enables you to set application-specific policies. Hedvig provides block and object storage for OpenStack via Cinder and Swift integrations.

Storage-as-a-Service Platform for OpenStack Cinder and Swift

Today’s enterprises need to move faster to capitalize on new opportunities and need a greater level of agility in provisioning applications and infrastructure. OpenStack provides a comprehensive set of software tools for building and orchestrating private and public clouds, helping organizations achieve a faster time-to-market with infrastructure-as-a-service automation.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform designed with modern distributed systems DNA is a perfect fit for production OpenStack deployments, transforming commodity hardware into an elastic, resilient, modern storage solution that keeps pace with changing business requirements.

OpenStack Problems Solved with Hedvig


  • In-place traditional storage solutions lack flexibility for OpenStack clouds.
  • Open-source solutions like Swift/Ceph lack features and are too complex for enterprises.
  • Lack of a hybrid solution with existing storage prevents seamless use of public cloud.

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Hedvig’s unique openstack value

  • Improve performance and scalability of storage in OpenStack environments.
  • Provide enterprise grade capabilities and reliability for OpenStack in production environments.
  • Eliminate downtime with VMs that can failover between private and public OpenStack clouds.

Why Choose Hedvig for OpenStack

  • Cinder driver and Swift interfaces certified against latest OpenStack distributions.
  • Built-in, multi-site replication overcomes limitations in Ceph and Swift.
  • Support for VMware and Docker reduces complexity among heterogeneous IaaS platform.

Key Hedvig and OpenStack Features and Functions

  • Native OpenStack Cinder and Swift support provides full block, file, and object interfaces
  • Native integration into OpenStack Horizon for control of volume and container provisioning
  • Instant snapshotting and zero-copy cloning for rapid creation of test volumes
  • Thin provisioning, global dedupe, and compression for minimal data footprint
  • Secure hybrid cloud support for movement of data from private and public clouds like AWS