Winner! Hedvig nabs its first award: Top start-up

By Eric Carter | | Hedvig

At the tail end of last week as a part of the TiEcon entrepreneur conference, Hedvig was awarded as a top 50 startup for 2015. The TiE50 Technology Awards Program recognizes the world’s most enterprising startups. We’re excited and honored at being recognized so soon after launch of our company and product – especially when you consider that the pool of those being judged started at 2716 startups. That puts Hedvig in the top 2%.

Built on the experience and vision of our founder Avinash Lakshman, and with the hard work of our engineers, what we are doing here at Hedvig – reinventing storage with distributed systems DNA – is transformative for our customers, and for the industry. This award is a nod to what we are up to and we believe it is the first of many milestones for us on our journey as a company.

We say a big THANK YOU to the judges, to the TiE organization, and to all of our customers/partners for supporting us and helping us build momentum.

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For those of you new to Hedvig and who we are, here are a couple items that will help you get a flavor for our software-defined storage solution:


An animated introduction to how Hedvig is re-architecting the way data is stored and managed. The first truly software-defined storage platform.
A guided tour of the product UI. Learn to provision storage assets in just seconds through the WebUI and mount storage in vSphere.