What the Hedvig and HPE partnership means for you

By Avinash Lakshman | | Partners

Hedvig is off to a fast start with our HPE relationship!

Last quarter we announced that HPE made an investment in Hedvig as part of our Series C funding. It’s an exciting time and I’m proud to see the transformation we’re going through. There is palpable energy in the office as we continue to grow.

And it’s with that in mind that we’ve already achieved our first major milestone with the HPE team! Today we announced an HPE Complete and Hedvig bundle. Now customers can order the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform and Apollo 4200 servers as a bundled set of SKUs directly from HPE and the HPE partner ecosystem. You can read all about the bundle on our HPE solution page.

I’d like to provide details on HPE and what it means for customers and partners. You can also register for our live webinar where industry analyst Richard Fichera of Forrester Research will team up with our VP of Marketing, Rob Whiteley, to talk about the trends in software-defined storage and how Hedvig is capitalizing on rack-scale solutions like the one we’ve announced with HPE.



We’ve actually been working with HPE for quite some time. Our official partnership kicked off in 2015 when we joined the AllianceOne program. In 2016 we wrapped up testing and certification on the Apollo 4500 and 4200 server platforms.

Then, towards the end of 2016, we had some large joint customers ask that we work more closely with HPE. We’ve seen particular success in financial services, retail, and government accounts that are HPE server shops. These customers were interested in going the software-defined storage path, so a natural partnership was forged. We were delighted when HPE then chose to participate in our Series C funding. Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, the investment arm of HPE, led the charge.


HPE has a broad range of server platforms, which nicely suits the flexible nature of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform. We see a lot of demand for the higher-density, rack-scale Apollo line, the default option for software-defined storage. Our validated solution focuses on the Apollo 4200 line.

Increasingly we also see customers opting for Apollo 4500, ProLiant, and Moonshot for a density, performance, and cloud workloads, respectively. Expect to see HPE-Hedvig joint solutions with these server variants soon.

Ultimately, as with everything at Hedvig, we believe the workloads should dictate the solution, not the other way around. This means customers have the benefit of picking the right HPE server line and configuring the appropriate Hedvig storage policies to tailor software-defined storage for a wide variety of enterprise environments.

For example, one large retailer is looking to pair Hedvig software with HPE Moonshot servers to create a self-service “developer cloud.” Their goal is to create an AWS-like environment on-prem where developers can go in and request storage as and when needed. It needs to be simple and provision capacity in just a few seconds and in just a few clicks. HPE and Hedvig enable a solution that’s the equivalent of AWS EBS, EFS, and S3 — or block, file, and object. Running it on-prem solves performance and security issues while still improving developer productivity and time-to-market for new services. Another large federal organization is looking to run Hedvig on HPE Apollo to build a deduplicating, scale-out backup target. In this scenario, the customer has significant investments in its backup software and processes and doesn’t want to replace it. HPE and Hedvig provide a lower-cost alternative to the current backup appliance and eliminate future forklift upgrades.


We’re excited to start building bundled solutions with HPE. Our joint solutions will be sold and supported by HPE’s salesforce and channel partners, ensuring large enterprises and service providers can continue working with HPE as a strategic provider. Companies building private hybrid-cloud infrastructure, or that have large backup environments, will immediately benefit from pre-tested, validated solutions.

We think this is a big win for customers and partners alike. It’s testament to the rapidly maturing software-defined storage market.

Want to learn more? Register for our live webinar to grab a seat. Forrester and Hedvig will give an overview of software-defined storage, the emerging role of rack-scale converged infrastructure, and how Hedvig is working with HPE to deliver these solutions.