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By Eric Carter | | Hedvig

What better way to start the new year than with a new award? Here at Hedvig we have just such an opportunity, but we need your help!

Last week we made the shortlist for the Storage Trailblazers Award. The Tech Trailblazers awards recognize enterprise technology startups for innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

This award nomination comes on the heels of a wildly successful 2015. Last year we had the chance to tell our story to the world for the very first time and we were honored to be named a top startup and make quite a few “top” lists in the industry. Read on for the full list of accolades and instructions on how you can help us add Tech Trailblazers.

The software-defined storage space is heating up!

There are a lot of people saying a lot of things – and in many cases those things sound very similar (and some cases wildly different)! So how do you cut through the noise? At this stage in our development as a company and product, getting nominated and recognized by the industry and press is one way we’ve been able to stand out.

And it’s not just a marketing thing. . . Hedvig has a lot going for it. We have the vision and technological prowess of a founder & CEO who has contributed significantly to the world of web-scale and cloud computing with the creation of Cassandra and contributing to the birth of the NoSQL movement with Dynamo. We have a great team of folks with experience across the world of distributed systems and storage. We have great customers. And, we have great software that provides the storage functionality needed to help those customers where they are today with their traditional IT systems and applications – like ERP, CRM, email, and virtualization – as well as new web-scale workloads – think Docker containers, OpenStack clouds, and all things “as-a-service”.

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