Startup launch day

By Eric Carter | | Hedvig

Wow. What a day. Standing now at the end of our first day “out of stealth” as a startup I have to say that though we’re all running on fumes here at Hedvig, there’s a great feeling having given birth to something new – a company and a product.

I joined Hedvig a short two-and-a-half months ago so I have to imagine those who have been working at it for two+ years feel even more ecstatic. Now we watch the coverage coming in and it’s great to see all the different takes on what we’re up to. Here are some of my favorite headlines and quotes:

The list goes on. I’m happy to be engaged again with folks like Storage SwitzerlandCRN, and InfoStor – who all are welcoming not just of the news of a great new storage product – the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform – but of an interesting (also great) company and its roots that drive something different and powerful for the datacenters and clouds.

What I love about where we are in the software-defined storage (SDS) space is that we have started life with a great product and are going to be able to continue building and pushing the envelope of what storage in a modern IT environment can be – in software.

If you haven’t seen it – there’s a very simple formula we’re now promoting on our website (thanks Rob). It’s really the best depiction of what we’ve brought to market:

My background is from a more traditional storage (and application) space – so I’ve been learning a lot since I’ve been here at Hedvig – a lot about distributed systems, about big data apps like Hadoop, about the value proposition of commodity hardware running great software. What’s particularly exciting about where we are – coming out of stealth as a startup – is that there is loads of opportunity out there for customers to learn about these concepts as well and adopt a new approach to storage.

We would love to take the journey with you as you transform and modernize your IT environments to be more cloud-like. Hedvig has a lot of experience to share – just ask!

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