Spotlight: Hedvig helps Dovilo deliver the cloud

By Richard Dyke | | Cloud

When companies in Western Europe want to move from old-school data centers to new, modern infrastructure, they often call Dovilo – a Hedvig customer and partner. The Netherlands-based company provides bimodal IT and continuous cloud services, connecting its customers to its ISO 27001-certified data center – and public cloud providers – to ensure infrastructure flexibility, security, protection, and performance.

Dovilo’s expertise spans a wide-range of IT disciplines including storage, compute, virtualization, backup, managed services, disaster recovery, and business continuity. The company relentlessly focuses on driving a high return on IT investments for its customers.

Growing fast

Dovilo has achieved rapid success. In a six-month period, the company experienced 4000% growth in data, or an average of one new terabyte per hour! Dovilo saw a wide-range of application diversity within their customers’ workloads – each with unique storage requirements. As a result, Dovilo amassed a data center that at one point included storage from five different vendors.

As their storage requirements increased, Dovilo sought ways to increase the effectiveness of their data centers and reduce OPEX and maintenance costs. They first turned to converged infrastructure solutions but found that they lacked the flexibility and features they needed such as capacity efficiency from compression, deduplication, and thin provisioning, multi-storage protocol coverage, and synchronous and asynchronous replication.

In 2014, Dovilo began exploring the world of software-defined storage and learned about Hedvig. First drawn to the flexibility of deployment, Dovilo found Hedvig to be the versatile solution they needed to optimally serve their growing customer base.

This week Dovilo showcased its cloud offerings including Hedvig at the Storage Expo in Utrecht, Netherlands. Here’s a pic of Bam and Patrick from Hedvig sporting the latest schwag at the Dovilo stand.