Solving hard storage problems + disruption = a typical day at Hedvig

By Abhijith Shenoy | | Hedvig

On any given day at Hedvig, you can hear about five languages swirling around the office. Our team members come from around the globe and though English dominates, you’ll also catch us speaking to each other in our native languages. When the team has discovered something big, the energy is palpable and diverse languages reflect that. (It’s awesome.)

The volume in the office peaked one afternoon—the team had uncovered a major enhancement for the Hedvig platform. High fives and smiles were seen all around. Everyone went home feeling like we had taken a major step forward.

Days like this are one of the things I love about Hedvig—and they happen a lot. We love to push ourselves harder, do things differently, embrace challenges and not give up until we arrive at a solution to every difficult tech problem we tackle. Our culture is infused with collaboration, openness, and an insatiable appetite to go against the grain of how things are typically done. We believe this is what it takes to build a platform from the ground up that reimagines the way the world approaches data storage.

What makes a great Hedvig team member?

As we look to scale and grow our team, it’s important to us that we find people who share this collaborative, status-quo-busting mindset. Our hiring efforts are not exclusive to candidates with extensive storage industry experience. In fact, cultural fit, raw talent, intellect and a willingness to learn are the attributes we value, storage background or not.

Case in point: one of my fellow software engineers, Gaurav, joined us from a large tech company and had little experience in storage. He told me that one of the things that excites him the most about Hedvig is that we are not bogged down in a legacy way for how we do things and the company is working with completely fresh ideas and approaches to technology. As for me, I joined Hedvig after completing my master’s degree in Computer Science. My thesis was in decision making social networks, which on the surface has nothing to do with storage. But it taught me how to solve problems from a fresh perspective, and that is very relevant to what we do.

We don’t expect all of our new team members to know everything about storage and distributed systems. We’ll teach it. The first several days on the job are pure learning experiences where new team members get a chance to soak up our tribal knowledge about storage and our philosophy for turning today’s enterprise storage challenges on their heads. Bring headphones. It’s a lot of recorded whiteboard videos to watch.

We’ve found that the people who thrive at Hedvig are ones who are hungry to do something totally new and launch the storage industry into a renaissance, shedding any preconceived notions about how a storage platform should be built.

Why Hedvig’s culture rocks

Finding people who share our values is a huge part of building our exceptional team. Three words sum up the Hedvig culture:

  1. Discovery. “Status quo” just isn’t in our vocabulary. We’re growing every day as individuals and as a company. For example, we do a ton of informal whiteboard sessions. These start as 1:1 conversations, and before you know it, the whole office is gathered, learning from one another. We end up drawing a lot of diagrams to map out customer conundrums and spark problem-solving ideas.
  2. Openness. Hierarchy? Ours is flat. Everyone has the freedom to be part of strategy and solution development. Cubes? Nope. Our office layout is completely open. Some of us even find ourselves sitting at different desks throughout the week so that we can get to know one another better and so everyone has a chance to work together. Don’t be offended or surprised if someone has pulled your chair up to your neighbor’s desk.
  1. Collaboration. We really value one another’s opinions and insights. Four-person pods of desks fuel interaction and creative problem solving. And then there are the “coffee walks.” When someone has a question, we often unpack it while grabbing a cup of coffee at Specialty’s downstairs and doing not just one, but several laps around the building—as many as it takes to get to the answer.

We’re on a mission to reinvent the way the world approaches software-defined storage and we’re growing our team with brilliant people who want to join us on our journey. Interested in learning more? Then contact us below. Let’s talk.

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