Solving customer problems with new funding and a new storage approach

By Rob Whiteley | | Hedvig

Things here at Hedvig are really heating up.

In just a few short months we:

The latter point is obviously quite exciting, but perhaps for reasons that aren’t so obvious on the surface.

Deb Gage of the Wall Street Journal outlined how these funds empower us to build out the company and aggressively pursue a leadership position in the nascent (and fragmented) software-defined storage market. How fragmented? Check out this excellent Datanami article talking about just the flash subsegment of the SDS market, which is already crowded.

Our early customer traction (yes, we have paying customers!) comes from a rock-solid v1 product. More than a dozen enterprises and service providers have looked at software-defined storage solutions and chose to implement the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform for its performance, scale, and features.

Now, with this latest round, we can double down on customer success. We’ll add to our global support organization; build out R&D; and continue to onboard innovative technology and alliance partners.

But I’ll focus on two aspects of this funding round that I think will directly translate to customer success.

A new partner

Above: Jonathan Heiliger (left) and In Sik Rhee (right) discuss game-changing technology in the newly built Vertex Ventures HQ in Mountain View, CA.

Joining Hedvig’s Board of Directors is In Sik Rhee, a general partner of Vertex Ventures. In Sik has accomplished many things including co-founding Opsware, formerly Loudcloud, which was acquired HP for $1.6 billion in 2007. In Sik brings a wealth of operational knowledge and he’s already provided a lot of good advice and insight on how to bring disruptive infrastructure to market. We’re honored to be the second company that Vertex (led by In Sik and his partner, Jonathan Heiliger) have funded. We all know there are a lot of storage vendors to choose from, but In Sik specifically sought out Hedvig’s CEO, Avinash Lakshman.


In his own words:

“As a new venture firm, we are focused on partnering with game changing companies like Hedvig. A fresh distributed systems approach and hybrid cloud capabilities make it well-poised to redefine storage and lead this emerging category that we believe is the future of enterprise storage.”

A new approach

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform uniquely solves customers’ data protection, hybrid cloud, and big data storage challenges

Customers already use the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform for a large array (pun intended — that’s SDS humor for you) of workloads. But this new round gives us the ability to aggressively pursue new customer challenges that no existing technology can solve. In the next few months you’ll be hear a lot more about customer success using Hedvig for:

  • Multi-site / multi-region data protection. We’re the only storage vendor that enables our customers to eliminate the cost and complexity of dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure. Our largest deployment is running the Hedvig solution across four geographically distinct data centers where every application can have it’s own, custom DR policy. More importantly, the policy can change on the fly as business requirements or DR scenarios unfold.

  • Hybrid cloud. Hedvig is the only storage solution today that makes hybrid a reality.  We run seamlessly across on-prem and public clouds, as well as spanning multiple public clouds. We even see companies that are born in the cloud that are now looking to add on-prem capabilities. Think of it as going hybrid the other way.  The result? You can easily “cloudify” existing and new applications to run seamlessly in a hybrid environment — bringing cost-effective flexibility and risk-mitigation to enterprises.

  • Big data. The storage woes of big data are well documented. It’s hard to gain insight from data you aren’t storing. But advancements in commodity infrastructure and networking mean the data locality challenges of Hadoop and other big data environments are a thing of the past. Hedvig enables a single platform to run multiple distros of Hadoop, NoSQL, and other elastic big data apps — all while providing the ability to get global dedupe and custom data replication capabilities on a per-distro basis.

We’re not a traditional storage company. We’re taking a distributed systems approach, which gives us the ability to do things in software that hardware vendors can never do in traditional storage solutions.

With this latest round of funding and early customer traction you can expect to hear a lot more about how Hedvig is truly modern storage for modern business.

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