Hedvig: Veeam-ready backup repository and archive solution

By Gaurav Yadav | | Archive & DR

Digital transformation has exposed the legacy roots of backup and has magnified backup’s stodgy pace, compared to the more agile…

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Hedvig object storage: Workflow and usage

By Shufan (Lucy) Ge | | Object Storage

Object storage is the preferred storage protocol when it comes to storing static and unstructured data. It is also synonymous…

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Hedvig internals: Log-structured merge-trees and folding of Bloom filters

By Lasaro Camargos | | Hedvig

One of the really cool things about Hedvig is that we get to work on very different projects, even if…

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Enabling container-aware persistent storage with Mesosphere

By Abhijith Shenoy | | Containers

Enterprises are becoming increasingly aware that faster application delivery times and cost savings are available by using containers to encapsulate…

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Hedvig & Terraform: Simplified APIs for multiple providers

By Katrina Hayes | | Cloud

At Hedvig, we frequently use clusters across multiple clouds (Amazon, Google, Azure) and need a quick and easy way to…

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Hedvig and object storage: A match made in the cloud

By Gaurav Yadav | | Cloud

The Cloud storage market is expected to reach a total of $92 billion by 2022 according to a forecast done…

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Red Hat & Hedvig: Advancing containers, orchestration & storage

By Eric Carter | | Cloud

With KubeCon coming in a couple of weeks, now is a good time to describe the work we’ve done with…

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Software-defined storage goes mainstream with new Hedvig release

By Avinash Lakshman | | Hedvig

Today we announced the availability of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform v3.0. Like many technology providers, we have agile product…

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Encrypt360 for a safer world: a technical primer on Hedvig encryption

By Chris Kranz | | Security

This week (amongst other things) we introduced encryption into the Hedvig platform! “So what,” I hear you reply. “My existing…

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