Meet Hedvig at Gartner Data Center Summit to talk Bimodal IT storage

By shop-chloe | | Cloud

Come visit Hedvig at the 2016 Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference in Las Vegas on December 7-10. You’ll find us in booth #668 in the Solutions Showcase.

Our goal? To show you why you need a different approach to storage in the modern data center.

The velocity of change in modern business exposes weaknesses in traditional approaches to IT infrastructure. Organizations are responding by bifurcating their data centers, a strategy Gartner calls Bimodal IT. Mode 1 infrastructure underpins core, legacy apps and is all about reliability and stability. Mode 2 is for new, emerging apps and it’s all about speed and agility. Gartner likens it to a marathoner versus a sprinter, and Hedvig is designed to help you run with both.

Gartner will discuss Bimodal IT extensively at the conference, including how and why software-defined storage is a critical component. You can check out this handy guidethat maps sessions to key initiatives.

Here at Hedvig we see Bimodal IT unfolding rapidly in our customer base. In particular, we see organizations struggling with storage that works in both Mode 1 and Mode 2 environments. Customers choose us because the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is specifically designed to accommodate both legacy and emerging apps from the same platform.

We believe this application-centric approach is what software-defined storage is truly about. One platform, configurable for any app.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is the only solution that:

  • Lowers the storage costs of “Mode 1 apps” by 60% or more. Hedvig lowers the capital and operational costs of core business applications like CRM, ERP, and email; virtualized server environments using any hypervisor; and virtualized desktop environments.
  • Accelerates the journey to “Mode 2 apps” with flexible, agile storage.Hedvig provides the multi-tenancy, scalability, and granularity to power applications running in OpenStack, Docker, and public clouds like AWS, Google, and Azure.
  • Optimize storage for better business outcomes. Hedvig enables you to mix and match both hyperconverged and hyperscale deployments. Start as low as 3 nodes, ensuring you scale storage in lockstep with business demands.

If you’ll be at the event, stop by booth #668. We’ll be providing demos on VMware to show how we can optimize Mode 1 apps, as well as demos on Docker and OpenStack to show how we can optimize storage for Mode 2 apps.

Can’t make one of these slots or want a custom demo? Click below to book a meeting. We look forward to seeing you!