Hedvig unveils CloudScale Partner Program 2.0

By Cassandra LaBouff | | Partners

When we launched the Hedvig CloudScale program a year ago, we knew there was strong momentum for software-defined storage (SDS) technology. We knew that enterprises were getting serious about hybrid cloud, and most importantly, we knew that Hedvig’s partners were going to be instrumental in helping customers to embrace modern, software-defined datacenters. And so, one year later, we are enormously pleased (but not surprised!) by the traction and success our partners have achieved. We entered 2017 asking ourselves: How can we build on this success, expand our ecosystem, and ensure that the CloudScale Partner Program extends Hedvig’s mission?

We saw clearly that the program needed to remain open and accessible, something reflected in the philosophy behind our business and our technology. But we also saw an opportunity to increase its flexibility. Our partners were telling us loud and clear: “Our business adapts to the needs of our customers – we need you to adapt with us.” So we got to work creating an ecosystem model that’s far more flexible than your standard partner program.

Just like that, the next evolution of Hedvig’s CloudScale Partner Program (in the spirit of software, let’s call it 2.0) was announced today.

Let’s dig into the details.


There are three guiding principles to our revamped partner program:

  • Equity: Partners can expect sales, marketing, and engineering support when they need it: in real-time, as they’re engaging on opportunities. We don’t allocate resources and benefits based on volume or past performance.
  • Accessibility: We think it’s important for our partners to be confident in their business relationship with us, so we don’t make you jump through hoops to get started. New partners can access our portal and program resources with no minimum commitment.
  • Flexibility: We understand that our partners operate within a model of their own choosing, based on what is best for each customer and opportunity – not a model imposed by us. We won’t box you into a program tier or categorization.

This last part is particularly important to us. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is best known for its flexibility. We’ve structured the program to mirror this capability. Specifically, we enable partners to take on multiple roles depending on any particular engagement. At any given time, a partner can engage as a referrer, a solution provider, or a cloud builder. Each model provides different ways to work with Hedvig, make money, and get support.


Our commitment to providing a world-class experience for our partners doesn’t end with the updated CloudScale program. Earlier this year, we announced a Series C funding round totaling $21.5M, with new investments from EDBIHPE, and the Oman Technology Fund. We’re putting these funds to use growing our engineering, sales, and channel teams, and expanding into new territories. We’re also investing heavily in enablement resources for our channel partners, including a new partner portal, simplified onboarding, and refreshed sales tools.

A few weeks ago, our founder and CEO, Avinash Lakshman, proclaimed that 2017 will be Hedvig’s breakout year. The updated CloudScale program is one of many elements in our effort to go all in and secure the No. 1 spot in the software-defined storage market. We believe this program is an industry-first and is what our partners are looking for to take their SDS practice to the next level.

If you’re interested in joining them, visit assets.hedvig.io/partners to learn more. In the meantime, download our partner program brochure for more information about the new CloudScale Partner Program.