Hedvig joins the Docker Certification Program for Volume Plugin

By Eric Carter | | Docker

Last April, we unveiled the release of our Docker Volume plugin that helps enterprises easily provision persistent storage volumes for Docker containers. Today we’re excited to announce that Hedvig has joined the new Docker Certification Program, a framework for partners to integrate and certify their technology for the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) commercial platform. In addition to having our Docker Volume plugin verified, this also means that it is now available from the Docker Store, a marketplace for trusted, enterprise ready containers, plugins, and Docker editions.

This certification is important to us for a number of reasons. One, it is a testament to the partnership we’ve established with Docker – they have been a fantastic team to work with as we developed our plugin. Two, it lets us showcase our continuing commitment to the container space and our focus on helping customers design and build clouds using Docker Datacenter, a component of Enterprise Edition (EE)with our software-defined storage as a part of the stack. And three, it provides a boost of confidence to organizations who are looking to Hedvig with Docker as a means to make their digital business strategies a reality.

“We would like to congratulate Hedvig on their acceptance into the Docker Certification Program,” said Marianna Tessel, EVP, Strategic Development. “Enterprise IT teams are looking to Docker to provide recommendations and assurances on the ecosystem of container content, infrastructure and extensions. Hedvig’s inclusion into the program indicates that the Hedvig Docker Volume plugin has been tested and verified by Docker, confirming for customers that Hedvig’s container images have been evaluated for security and are supported and built according to best practices.”

Every day we witness the continued rise and momentum of containers, and Docker EE with Docker Datacenter in particular, in our conversations with organizations of all sizes. A real shift is taking place. The application container market is expected to surge to $2.7 billion in 2020 from $762 million in 2016, according to a recent report from market research firm 451 Research. Key to supporting this growth is the ability to provision persistent portable storage for containers to support stateful applications. This is exactly what we have engineered with the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform.


Enterprises using Docker in production environments benefit from a number of advantages of using our software-defined storage including three unique capabilities delivered via the Hedvig Docker Volume Plugin:

  • Enable container deployment of stateful microservices: Docker volumes are inherently available to any host running the Hedvig Docker Volume Plugin. Containers can be moved from one host to another while data persists, allowing stateful microservices like databases to be deployed in containers.
  • Increase flexibility and alignment with business requirements: IT Ops and DevOps admins can define granular, per-volume storage policies natively from the Docker EE Basic or Docker EE Standard with Docker Datacenter. These include replication factor, deduplication, compression and cache acceleration so each container can have its own unique storage policy.
  • Improve performance and scalability of containers: The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is based on a distributed systems architecture, improving the performance, scalability and efficiency that stateful applications running in containers require.

Part of the excitement of being in a new company is achieving milestones like this certification and with it the entry into the Docker Store. The Docker Store provides an official marketplace that enables Hedvig to distribute content and get our solution into the hands of those who are using Docker to build their applications. Anyone can access the Hedvig Docker Volume plugin from the Hedvig page free-of-charge.

With the certification, what you get is a ready to use Docker image of the Hedvig plugin that is verified and secure. With it you can quickly link your Docker environment to our storage platform and begin taking advantage of the benefits outlined above.

Now that the Docker audience will find it easier to access our solution and can have the confidence that we deliver a trusted, enterprise ready solution, we look forward to engaging with Docker customers to help them build, ship, and run the applications that will drive their businesses forward in the coming years.