Hedvig joins as charter member in Mesosphere developer program

By Rob Whiteley | | Cloud

Today Hedvig is pleased to support our partner, Mesosphere, as a charter member in the launch of the Mesosphere SDK and developer program.

Application architectures are changing radically. Gone are the days of building monolithic applications. However, “cloud” is no longer a sufficient term to describe this architectural shift. Modern architectures and modern applications are built as distributed systems. They’re made up of microservices running in discrete containers. An application is now assembled, not deployed. Why? Scalability. Reliability. Flexibility. Programmability. And a bunch of other “ities” that characterize what developers needs to remain aligned with fast-changing business requirements.

What does Mesophere do?

Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) is a great example of a necessary tool to help developers and DevOps build distributed applications. In my opinion, the best description of DCOS comes from today’s announcement:

“Today, with the Mesosphere DCOS, developers can build directly for datacenter and cloud scale using DCOS primitives for networking, resource allocation, container orchestration, fault tolerance, package distribution and automated operation.”

Mesophere helps lower the barrier for enterprises making the shift to distributed architectures, as well as a clean slate for startups and new innovators to jump immediately into a modern approach to applications and services.

Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch also wrote a good summary of today’s announcement here.

How do Mesophere and Hedvig work together?

Mesophere and Hedvig are solving the same problem from two different portions of the stack. This statement, written by Mesosphere’s Derrick Harris, could easily be substituted as the Hedvig mission statement:

“Make it simple to develop all types of distributed services or applications … The operative words here are simple and distributed.”

Both of us are born out of a desire to help companies embrace and develop distributed systems. Mesophere helps companies build distributed apps; Hedvig helps them store that application’s data. Mesosphere has built a modern datacenter OS; Hedvig has built a modern storage platform. Both aim to bring simplicity and flexibility to the equation. And both are looking to disrupt traditional, monolithic approaches.

So, it was a natural fit for Hedvig to join the Mesosphere developer program. We’ll work with Mesosphere to make it as easy to deploy block, file, and object storage for a distributed application as it is to deploy a database or HDFS using DCOS today.

In the words of our Founder & CEO:

“Hedvig’s distributed storage application, like any distributed application, needs to solve the problem of enabling customers to easily deploy the technology in microservices architectures with containerized workloads,” said Avinash Lakshman, founder and CEO of Hedvig, and inventor of Apache Cassandra. “From a storage perspective, the trickiest detail is data persistence. This is a major strength of the DCOS. We believe that the DCOS approach to persisting data across containers and between clusters is optimal for the new generation of applications that requires a much more flexible underlying datastore.”

We’re excited to join the partner program and develop using Mesophere’s SDK. Stay tuned for joint innovations in the distributed systems space.

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