Disrupting storage and getting recognized for it

By Rob Whiteley | | Hedvig

This week Hedvig was recognized from two prestigious organizations for launching a company disrupting one of the last IT infrastructure mainstays: storage.

To provide context, we first need to discuss a bit about disruption. It’s a common topic in IT. But disruption is hard, especially in storage. Why? Because getting a company to entrust its data — one of its most important business assets — is no small feat.

That’s why it’s so impressive to see software-defined storage gaining traction. It makes sense. The economics of storing and managing the world’s data are crippling. Some of the web giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google have mastered it, but it’s been extremely challenging for traditional enterprise IT shops. However, in 2015, we saw the tides turn.

Consider these stats:

  • $6.2B: Markets & Markets says software-defined storage will grow from a $2B market in 2015 to a $6.2B market in 2019, a 35.2% CAGR.
  • 94%: ESG finds 94% of mid-to-large organizations are implementing or planning to implement software-defined storage.
  • $2B: Wikibon estimates that server-based storage will drive $2B in net-new server revenue in 2015.

Here at Hedvig we’re proud to be part of this transformation. However, we’re even more proud to be recognized by Business Insider and the Best in Business for our efforts.

On Monday, we were honored to be named among Business Insider’s 50 enterprise startups to bet your career on in 2016. We’re listed among such disruptive companies as Docker, GitHub, Mirantis, and Cloudera. Sure, there were three other storage companies on the list (Nutanix, Tintri, and Qumulo), but Hedvig is the only software storage solution.

Then, today, we were further honored with silver in the Best in Business 2015 Startup of the Year award. We’re particularly proud of this as we didn’t just win for a particular product category, but rather as a startup disrupting the status quo across all categories. A big shutout to Brainly for the gold win in the same category.

2015 will go down as a great year for Hedvig. We’ve launched the company, gained great customer and partner traction, and now we’re seeing the recognition coming in.

A huge thanks to all of my colleagues, customers, and partners that have made Hedvig such a winner.