Deploying Converged Backup Solution with Hedvig and NetBackup

By David Leathers | | Archive & DR

Typically, Storage Administrators will employ a multi-tiered backup strategy that requires an initial backup image to reside on a primary storage device. This is followed by a secondary copy migrated to a second storage device after a certain amount of time. Finally, a third copy may reside on a tape infrastructure with the tapes being moved to a secure location. This means there are at least 2 storage vendors involved along with a backup application vendor and multiple support and licensing contracts. This turns out to be very expensive, and is often magnified in certain industries that have strict data storage regulations.

Where does the cloud fit into this picture?

Backup applications, such as Veritas NetBackup, contains a wide range of features that allow Enterprise customers to move data around as needed to meet any internal or external business regulatory and operational requirements. However, the perception of replacing existing backup purpose-built hardware is that it is difficult and costly. This is not always the case.

It is possible to replace existing backup hardware while still using the current backup application infrastructure while leveraging a public cloud for DR and long-term retention, and to do so with the express goal of lowering both initial CapEx investment and long term OpEx costs.

One way to do this is by utilizing a Hedvig cluster, with Veritas NetBackup. This will allow existing NetBackup customers to replace existing purpose-built backup hardware by leveraging commodity hardware from a preferred vendor. Together, this solution will also allow customers to leverage public cloud for DR and long-term archive storage and eliminate the cost and security risks associated with tape infrastructure and storage. Hedvig supports the “OpenStorage Technology” (or OST) plugin with NetBackup. This support allows not only for an easy transition from existing purpose-built hardware to Hedvig, but also allows customers to experience the same level of performance for backup and restore jobs.

In my previous blog post I displayed a slide that depicted Hedvig deployed on both local datacenter servers and public cloud vendors. Let’s expand on that a bit with regards to NetBackup.

With the combination of Hedvig’s datacenter aware cluster along with NetBackup, an Enterprise can leverage:

  • OST AIR (Automatic Image Replication) jobs can move/copy backup images with ease between either a single datacenter aware Hedvig cluster or multiple Agnostic Hedvig clusters. These clusters can be deployed both on local servers on-premises and on the preferred public cloud vendor.
  • Hedvig cluster within a public cloud vendor can replace tape Vault jobs.

Use case

A customer following a 3-2-1 backup strategy and performs data backup using daily incremental and weekly full policies, followed by replicating the data to have a secondary copy available. After four weeks the customer replicates the data again to a secondary or tertiary storage repository and finally vaults it to tape.

Using the combination of Hedvig and NetBackup, a customer could accomplish this by deploying either a single cluster stretching multiple datacenters or multiple Hedvig clusters across different datacenters. Next, use an OST AIR job to copy/move the data to a second cluster or a different vdisk. Lastly, extend your Hedvig cluster to any public cloud instance and use NetBackup OST AIR to copy the data to that cluster. This combination would replace the tape vault job.

Below, is an example of a multi-cluster configuration that confirms all of the aforementioned requirements by using the existing NetBackup infrastructure, plus leveraging a less expensive consolidated server platform and a public cloud platform.

Why Hedvig For NetBackUp Image

Utilizing this method, Hedvig can reduce CapEx and OpEx costs by

  1. Consolidating multiple purpose-built storage platforms into a single common server hardware platform. This includes having fewer recurring support and feature license expenditures.
  2. Leveraging existing NetBackup infrastructure thus reducing the need for training on newer platforms.
  3. Utilizing the preferred cloud vendor platform to improve DR time and eliminate the need for tape infrastructure.

Other cost savings

  1. Hedvig is a universal storage platform that can provide storage for any application, whether it be on the same cluster as a backup target or an independent cluster.
  2. Utilizing Hedvig replication factor to control copies and destination of copies of data removes the need to do copy jobs in most cases and provides excellent DR.
  3. Hedvig supports any server platform and is storage and server agnostic. As the customers needs change to utilize a new server hardware platform, Hedvig can be deployed as needed.

In summary, the combination of Hedvig and Veritas NetBackup can provide customers with a wide range of flexibility to solve any backup related challenge. This combination leverages public cloud platforms and allows for a seamless transition from purpose-built hardware platforms to a cost effective commodity hardware solution.

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