And the Winner is… Software-defined Storage

By Eric Carter | | Software-defined Storage

I wonder what it’s like to win an Oscar?

I’m sure for Hollywood-types it’s a huge kick – the kind of moment that gives you desired validation after years of hard work, propelling you to the next level of your career. Remember Sally Field famously proclaiming, “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!?”

Right now, the industry really likes software-defined storage. A series of announcements last week gave us a good dose of validation. The biggest news by far came from IBM who highlighted a plan to invest over $1B in their software-defined storage portfolio over the next five years. IBM sees what we at Hedvig see. The industry is at a point where a better approach to storage is within reach. Investing in this space clearly makes sense.

The picture is starting to become quite clear.

Fundamentally, organizations want to achieve more cloud-like simplicity and scale with their entire IT architecture. For storage, the classic means of storing data on monolithic arrays isn’t flexible enough. The blueprint showcased by Web-scale companies including, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, is starting to look very enticing to today’s enterprise:

  • Software drives the infrastructure, decoupled from proprietary hardware.
  • “Hyperscale” and reliability are achieved with low-cost commodity server nodes.
  • Storage provisioning and operations are point-and-click easy.

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) defines software-defined storage (SDS) as virtualized storage with a service management interface. SNIA also lists a set of features any SDS solution should include: automation, standard interfaces, virtualized data paths, scalability, and transparency.

IBM’s big dollar vote in favor of this approach is worth recognizing. Like the award to the actor, this investment will help propel the concept of the software-defined data center to the next level.

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