55 Twitter handles every storage admin needs to follow

By Trevia Clark | | Software-defined Storage

We love Twitter here at Hedvig. It’s a great way to connect with fellow storage enthusiasts and learn from some of the top names in the business. But with more than 300 million users, it can be hard to figure out who exactly to follow. To help eliminate some guesswork, we’ve assembled a list of who we think are the most interesting and most active people to follow when it comes to storage and complementary technologies. We definitely find it worthwhile to listen to what these “twitterati” have to say and think that if you’re interested in storage tech, you’ll find them to be a great source of info.

First, check out our Storage Twitterati list to follow everyone below in one easy way. Otherwise, puruse through and check out the list below:

  1. Chris Mellor, The Register – @Chris_Mellor

  2. George Crump, Storage Switzerland – @storageswiss

  3. Howard Marks, Deep Storage – @DeepStorageNet

  4. Deni Connor, SSG-NOW – @dconnor

  5. John Mark Troyer, Geek Whisperers Podcast – @jtroyer

  6. Robin Harris, Storage Mojo – @StorageMojo

  7. Stu Miniman, Wikibon – @stu

  8. Henry Baltazar, Forrester – @StorageZar

  9. Stephen Foskett, TechFieldDay – @SFoskett

  10. Greg Knieriemen, Speaking in Tech Podcast – @Knieriemen

  11. Arun Chandrasekaran, Gartner – @AnalystArun

  12. Chris Evans, Langton Blue – @ChrisMEvans

  13. Ben Kepes, Diversity Limited – @BenKepes

  14. Enrico Signoretti, Juku Consulting SRL – @esignoretti

  15. Jon Toigo, Toigo Partners – @JonToigo

  16. Stephen O’Donnell, Broadgate Consultants – @stephenodonnell

  17. Avinash Lakshman, Hedvig – @HedvigEng

  18. Steve Kenniston, Storage Alchemist – @skenniston

  19. Greg Schulz, StorageIO – @storageio

  20. Thomas Coughlin, Tom Coughlin and Associates – @thomascoughlin

  21. Roy Illsley, Ovum – @royillsley

  22. Scott S Lowe, VMware – @scott_lowe

  23. Camberley Bates, Evaluator Group – @camberleyb

  24. Ray Lucchesi, Silverton Consulting – @RayLucchesi

  25. Chuck Hollis, VMware – @chuckhollis

  26. Justin Stottlemyer, Intuit – @JHStott

  27. Scott Sinclair, ESG – @Scott_Sin

  28. Mark Peters, ESG – @englishmdp

  29. Rick Scherer, EMC – @rick_vmwaretips

  30. Chad Sakac, EMC – @sakacc

  31. Steve Duplessie, ESG – @stevedupe

  32. Nigel Poulton, In Tech We Trust Podcast – @nigelpoulton

  33. Duncan Epping, VMware – @DuncanYB

  34. Martin Glassborow, BskyB – @storagebod

  35. Taneja Group – @TanejaGroup

  36. Rob Peglar, Micron Technologies – @peglarr

  37. VMBlog – @VMBlog

  38. Vanessa Alvarez, Amazon – @VanessaAlvarez1

  39. Andrew Reichman, Data Dynamics – @reichmanIT

  40. Terri McClure, ESG – @esganalysttmac

  41. Simon Robinson, 451 Research – @simonrob451

  42. Curtis Preston, Backup Central – @wcpreston

  43. Marc Farley, Quaddra SW – @gofarley

  44. Melissa Palmer, NetApp – @vmiss33

  45. Mark Twomey, EMC – @Storagezilla

  46. Jerome Wendt – DCIG – @jeromedcig

  47. Scott Lowe, Virtualization Software – @otherscottlowe

  48. Dan Frith, VMWare – @penguinpunk

  49. Randy Kerns, Evaluator Group – @rgkerns

  50. John Webster, Evaluator Group – @JohnSWebster

  51. Nick Howell, Datacenter Dude – @datacenterdude

  52. Ashish Nadkarni, IDC – @ashish_nadkarni

  53. Michael Coté, Pivotal – @cote

  54. Merv Adrian, Gartner – @merv

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t include our own Twitter handle. In addition to all of these smart and interesting people, we also recommend you follow @Hedvigincto find out about news, gain insight from events and panels, and find out how you can meet some of our team members in-person. Naturally, this isn’t an exhaustive list – there are lots and lots of people on Twitter who are great sources for storage knowledge. If we’ve missed anyone, feel free to let us know.

You can also find out more about software-defined storage and how it can meet today’s rigorous business demands from this industry report.

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